Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship

About The Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship 

When the CCC started receiving funds from the annual ball event it was our wish that it went to a worthy recipient. And, as a token of our gratitude to Chicago, our partners and our pleasant posting we wanted to establish a legacy that would have a positive impact on the youth and in an area that we all agree that is of paramount importance, education. Awardees are students doing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral work.This is an important issue that is a core value to the CCC and to send the message to the foreign students, that we appreciate, admire and support their efforts and the sacrifice that it represents to them and their families to strive for a better education.


Congratulations to Our Current Awardees:

Awardees 2016-2017

Fatimah Abioye

Ramasubramonian Deivanayagam

John Paul Fababaer

Ankit Gupta

Anika Hazra

Hanna Hixson

Jize Jiang

Negar Kamali Zonouzi

Robert Kozma

Chenlu Li

Vimviriya Limkangvanmongkol

Cree Medley

Herbert Nuwagaba

Mosope Osiyale

Roni Packer


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Chicago Consular Corps Scholarship Past Awardees

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