Establishing an Agreement

UIC Guidelines for Establishing Agreements with Foreign Institutions

As the international activities of UIC continue to grow, UIC units are establishing new relationships as well as broadening existing ones with institutions and organizations abroad. The following guidelines and procedures have been established to ensure adherence to policies that protect the individuals involved and the institution.

Summary of the Process

  1. The faculty or unit may contact OIA to discuss and vet the initiative. OIA reviews proposed initiative for fundamental soundness regarding academic, strategic, and organizational feasibility as a potential UIC initiative, in consultation with proposing faculty or unit. OIA prepares a working draft agreement for further review, and routes draft agreement to additional offices involved in the process as agreement features may require. This is the draft to be negotiated with the partner.
  2. Within UIC, OIA engages units to review overall academic content, as well as fiscal, strategic and organizational appropriateness of the proposed agreement, with Senate review if required.
  3. Graduate College reviews any applicable sections for graduate programs.
  4. Office of Human Resources reviews the proposed program for compliance with UIC-HR policy and regulations.
  5. OVCR-Office of Technology Management reviews language of the proposed agreement regarding intellectual property issues, if applicable.
  6. Office of International Services reviews immigration language of the contract when foreign nationals are expected to visit UIC under the proposed agreement.
  7. Office of Business Affairs and Legal reviews complete draft agreement if the draft is not longer the UIC standard form. Contract is returned to OIA.
  8. OIA contacts initiating faculty and unit with to obtain the final approval from partner institution. If agreeable, the partner will return two copies of signed agreement. OIA gathers UIC signature. Initiating unit, or OIA if requested, forwards signed agreement to international partner.