Hosting International Visitors

International visitors who come to UIC can provide significant benefits for the campus. Interaction with international visitors allows for mutually enriching relationships, both on individual and institutional levels. These relationships provide a range of possibilities including research and teaching collaboration, student and faculty exchange, increased international student enrollment, broad institutional linkages, as well as less formalized intellectual and professional benefits afforded through interactions with new colleagues.

OIA Guidance 

OIA can provide the hosting units with support for the appropriate protocols to follow when inviting international visitors. We would like to ensure that there is effective and appropriate communication throughout the planning process and the actual hosting period. This section is developed to inform about it.

It is our goal that our international visitors be accorded appropriate courtesy, support, and recognition during their visits. It is also important that these visits be highly visible so that we can maximize the mutual benefits to the visitors and members of the college and university community. A good coordination can provide the support to all these important aspects.


Units or individuals planning to invite international visitors to campus should contact OIA to initiate the proper procedures for each unique visitor. Requests to host international visitors may be conveyed to OIA before an official invitation is provided. The purpose is to ensure that we have all university protocol, policy, and resource commitment concerns are addressed prior to the arrival of international visitors on campus. This may apply to international visitors who will engage in academic conversations beyond individuals projects, receive payment or reimbursement from the University, or need any of the following resource commitments (computer/Internet access, library access, office or workspace, ID card, living arrangements, health care, access to courses, or an official letter confirming the visit). OIA staff will discuss with the hosting unit the specific nature of the visit to determine the university protocols to be followed, the administrative units to be engaged, and the officials to be involved, besides the specific unit or college.

Visits by international students and scholars have different purposes (e.g., private visits, sabbaticals, post-doctoral fellowships, short-term employment, guest speakers, research collaborators, etc.). Each of them implies a different set of legal and administrative requirements. The administrative requirements will be guided by OIA, and the OIS staff will identify the proper legal/immigration protocols to follow.  Please notice that all commitments of resources will need approval from the appropriate unit administrator BEFORE an official letter of invitation is sent.

International Visitors and Delegations Planning a Visit to UIC 

UIC faculty and units planning to host international visitors should fill out this form.  We will contact you after the form is submitted.

**If you are a Foreign Official requesting a visit to the UIC Campus, please contact