International Agreements

An international agreement is a contractual document which defines a relationship between the University of Illinois at Chicago and a foreign institution. In an international agreement, resources are committed by each institution to support academic programs, student and faculty exchanges, placement abroad, research collaboration, technical assistance, professional development and similar cooperative activities.

Throughout these guidelines, an International Agreement is distinguished from a Grant for Research Agreement. The latter normally carries conditions set by the sponsor, and/or may require compliance with policies, norms, and regulations managed exclusively by OVCR. Additionally, within the exclusive purview of OVCR are Sponsored Projects. These are contracts or subcontracts as described in Section 16 – Grants and Research Contracts of the UI Policies and Procedures Manual.

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is the campus unit designated to facilitate and monitor the establishment of all such international agreements between the University of Illinois at Chicago and foreign institutions. OIA maintains a database of all international agreements. Information about these agreements can be obtained by contacting OIA. OIA facilitates the negotiation and approval process of international agreements through drawing on expertise and connections with partners; information and support after initial consultation on proposed agreements; providing standard documents or templates use for most of agreements and customized contracts to fit less common activities; review of documents proposed by partners; and coordinate review and approval with relevant units in issues such as data transfer, risk management, intellectual property, immigration issues; managing contracts within the university system; and keeping data about the campus international partnerships.


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