Scholarships and Grants by Country


Australian Education Office 

Specific for students wishing to study in Australia

Australian Education and Training Scholarships

Database of scholarships in most disciplines that includes most universities in Australia


The Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF)

Open to graduate students; carries a stipend of $25,000 for a one year program


French Government Scholarships 

Grants for students studying in a variety of disciplines


Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 

Scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students to study in Germany for a summer, semester, or year

German Bundestag International Parliamentary Scholarships

For students with a strong interest in politics; involves five-month placements with Members of the German Bundestag


JASSO–Japanese Consulate Scholarships

Several scholarships available for graduates and undergraduates studying or conducting research in Japan

The Blakemore Foundation 

Offers scholarships and grants for graduate students studying an Asian language at an advanced level

Bridging Scholarship 

Awards $4,000 for students studying one academic year in Japan

Monbukagakusho Japanese Studies Scholarships [MEXT]

Five different scholarships are offered to non-Japanese nationals wishing to study in Japan.  Scholarship topics cover research, specialized training, undergraduate studies and Japanese studies.


Netherland-America Foundation Duisenberg School of Finance Scholarship

Funding for graduate programs at the Duisenberg School of Finance in Amsterdam


American-Scandinavian Foundation

Offers grants and fellowships for graduate students studying in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway)

American Women’s Club in Sweden (AWC) 

Open to female American students planning to study or conduct research in Sweden


Language and Culture Assistantships in Spain

Supports Spanish teachers in teaching and students in learning the Spanish language


The Blakemore Foundation 

Offers scholarships and grants for graduate students studying an Asian language at an advanced level

TECRO Taiwan Scholarship for U.S. Citizens 

The Cultural Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States is offering scholarships for undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students interested in studying in Taiwan

Taiwan Scholarships- Ministry of Education, Taiwan

Scholarships for students wishing to study in Taiwan and to seek a degree or study Mandarin language in a Taiwanese university

United Kingdom

British Council 

Scholarships for a variety of institutions in the United Kingdom

Butex Scholarship (British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association)

Scholarships open to US students who have been offered a place as a study abroad or exchange student at a UK University which is a member of BUTEX