Peace Corps

Each academic year OIA proudly hosts a representative from the Peace Corps Midwest Regional Recruitment Office. Office hours are held within OIA, and students may walk up or schedule an appointment with the designated Peace Corps representative.

Office Hours for Fall 2016 are as follows:
September 9th: 9am-5pm
October 13th: 9am-5pm
November 18th: 8am-12pm

To set up an appointment, please contact

Flora Tano
Regional Recruiter
Returned Volunteer, China 2013-2015
Peace Corps Central Office
Chicago, IL

The Peace Corps is a U.S. service organization that sends Americans abroad to address people’s most pressing needs around the world. The organization boasts over 215,000 volunteers since its inception in 1961. Those interested in serving in the Peace Corps choose from over 65 countries around the globe and may work  in education, health, environment, community economic development, youth in development, agriculture, and many more focuses.

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